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Coaching Professional Athletes in Career Longevity and Reputation Risk Management

Are you an athlete planning for a long professional career? Do you want to attract sponsors who will pay millions for your image to endorse their products? Do you want to develop a loyal fan base who will attend your games, wear your number, and drive up ticket sales? Become even more valuable to your team, sponsors, and fans with off the field one-on-one coaching from the Nohr Sports experts in Career Longevity and Reputation Risk Management. With its exclusive three day Hawaiian retreat, Nohr Sports experts will develop a customized plan to help you enhance your reputation and extend your career longevity. Register today for your individualized appointment by calling 808-277-1954. Limited space is available.

Facility Risk Management Consulting

Nohr Sports knows how important it is to use proper athletic facility risk management strategies to protect people and property from harm. Such strategies can save you money, protect both you and your organization from liability, and ultimately is the right thing to do.

Nohr Sports’ experts can provide customized risk management services for your athletic facility. Consulting may be conducted on-site, online and / or by telephone. Contact us at Nohr Sports for more information at (808) 234-0200.