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Boston Bombing: A Risk Management Perspective

Not since 9/11 has the world witnessed such a horrifying act of what appears to be terrorism in the United States. The Boston Bombings on April 15, 2013, were unexpected, deadly and caused injuries to many. The probable terroristic attack caught the world off guard.

A Primer on Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage for Sport Organizations

Does your organization use motor vehicles to transport athletes, spectators or others? If so, it is essential for risk management planning to make sure that such vehicles are fully insured in compliance with applicable law. It is a good idea to talk with your insurance agent or broker about the insurance policies that have been purchased in order to ensure that there is sufficient coverage.

Getting Ahead of Head Injuries in Sports and Recreation

A few years ago, on March 18, 2009, Headlines all over the world announced that actress Natasha Richardson died from a head injury that she sustained from a fall on a Quebec ski slope.

One Strike and You’re Out: Lightning on the Playing Field

On September 1, 2009, the Associated Press headline, “Lightning Strike Causes Amputation”, referred to Danish soccer player Jonathan Richter’s unfortunate injury arising out of a brief thunder storm on July 20th while he was playing a reserve game. The 24 year old athlete had to undergo an induced coma for 10 days and then suffered the amputation of his lower left leg. This incident dramatically illustrates the danger that lightning strikes pose to athletes during practices and competitions held outdoors.

The Hunger Games Influence---Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The popular movie and book, The Hunger Games, centers around a reality show of a survival game in which only one player will survive. The object of the game is for the teenagers to kill each other using any means available. This is not a very good example for sport and recreation, which have rules of sportsmanlike behavior in order that players will avoid injury and be able to play another game.

Sport Team Travel Risk Management

The big news this week was the Jet Blue pilot Clayton Osbon’s breakdown on a flight from New York to Las Vegas, causing his co-pilot to lock him out of the cockpit. The pilot proceeded to rant about Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Al-Qaida, while walking in the aisle of the plane until passengers restrained him until the plane landed safely in Texas. Despite this incident, official statistics reveal that there has never been a safer time to fly. When considering your team’s transportation plans, flying is a safer alternative to any other travel.