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Scuba Diving Risk Management Lesson

In Hawaii, seldom a week goes by without hearing news of a drowning death. Even experienced swimmers, divers and surfers can be no match for strong ocean currents, undertows and waves. This week a remarkable rescue of a diver who survived the open ocean for 12 hours was a surprising outcome to a nearly fatal mistake. Scott Folsom was Scuba diving, using the boat’s anchor line to keep track of his location in the water. Unfortunately, his underwater exploration led him away from the line and currents carried him even further away.

Back Country Skiing Avalanche Risk Management

Earlier in the week, professional skier, Elyse Saugstad, was enjoying a back country ski outing with two other skiers near Stevens Pass in Washington state when an avalanche swept them down the mountain. Saugstad immediately deployed her airbag that was in her backpack, which saved her life while three others died in the avalanche.
Back country skiing risk management, includes use of equipment such as avalanche airbags, which allow a person to avoid burial by an avalanche by forcing the person to the surface.

Golf Carts Present a Risk to Golf Courses and Tournament Organizers

Golf carts used for practice and in tournaments present a hazard for players and where injuries have been suffered, injured parties have filed lawsuits against golf clubs and other parties. The following are summaries of several appellate court decisions of cases involving the use of golf carts that are helpful to understand the risk of injuries whenever golf carts are utilized.

5 Ways to Make Sure that Your Sport Organization or Event’s Insurance is in Order

The most important risk financing strategy for your organization is to transfer your risk to insurance carriers. This is done by purchasing insurance for most of the risks that your organization or event faces.

Risk Management Practices in Poor Economic Times

If your organization chooses to skimp on safety and risk management practices, you likely will see an increased incidence of injuries and worker’s compensation claims. Even if you continue to maintain a comprehensive risk management program and utilize safe practices, insurance fraud may increase in a bad economy as economic motivation leads people with mounting credit card debt and unemployment to be motivated to pad insurance claims or to develop insurance fraud schemes.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: British Boxer is Fined by the World Boxing Council

The latest incident of unsportsmanlike conduct in sport occurred when British boxer Dereck Chisora slapped 6’ 7” Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko during a weigh in. Before the title bout on Saturday, Chisora slapped the heavyweight champion with his open right hand across his left cheek. Chisora was fined by the World Boxing Council for this unsportsmanlike behavior.