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Latest Ice Skating Appellate Court Case

It was surprising and disappointing when Borders Bookstores closed because of bankruptcy last September. What new business would take Borders’ place at my local mall in Kaneohe, Hawaii? A few days ago, the question was answered---an ice skating rink! Well, it appears that the rink is temporary. I investigated and discovered that a very small ice skating rink has been installed and when I walked in the building, not a soul was skating. I wonder whether a Zamboni would even fit on such ice and how they are going to keep the ice maintained and whether there is sufficient ventilation in the former bookstore’s space. Keep in mind that Hawaii only has one other ice skating rink to my knowledge, which is on Oahu. This is not a place where ice skating is customary.

The Sports Exceptions Doctrine’s Applicability to Golf

Golf tournament organizers, golf course owners and managers and anyone walking on or near a golf course must be concerned about the hazards of errant golf balls striking and injuring people. In Mallin v. Paesani , 49 Conn. Supp. 457, 892 A.2d 1043 (2005), both Mallin and Paesani were competitors in a PGA tournament. Mallin alleged that Paesani drove a golf ball, striking the plaintiff in the head and causing injury. The plaintiff brought an apportionment action against Tashima knolls Golf Course and the town of Trumbull, claiming their negligence in possession and control of the golf tournament was a proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

Training Volunteers for Improved Safety in Sport

Last week I had a unique opportunity to volunteer for APEC 2011 Leaders Week and APEC 2011 CEO Summit held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has only met in the USA on one other occasion (Seattle in 1993) and meant that the leaders and delegates from 21 Asia Pacific economies were hosted at many events. This required interviewing, selecting, screening and training 1,000 volunteers.

Golf Course Planning and Warning About Inclement Weather

Since golf is played outdoors, it is constantly subjected to weather conditions. One of the most dangerous conditions is that of lightning. In Sall v. T’s, Inc., 136 P.3d 471 (Kan. 2006), Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Defendant T’s, Inc.,dba Smiley’s Golf Course, as a result of injuries that he sustained when he was struck by lightning while golfing at Defendant’s course.

New Technology and Sports Risk Management

If you are planning to run a marathon, participate in a triathlon, play a softball or hockey game, surf, swim in the ocean or ski, there is most likely a website that you can visit for information about the venue, participants, rules, registration, photographs and other information. Websites and social media also provide opportunities for event directors and coaches to disseminate information about safety and provide warnings to participants regarding possible hazards.

Marathon Mom: Should Pregnant Women Run Marathons?

Amber Miller, 27, finished the Chicago Marathon, and then barely had enough time to shower before giving birth to a healthy baby girl 7 hours later. Miller is an experienced marathon runner and had previously run two marathons while pregnant, one in 2009 while pregnant with her son and one earlier this year. She was 39 weeks pregnant while completing the Chicago Marathon and did so with her doctor's knowledge and consent. Her doctor had told her that she could do her usual physical activities, but nothing new. Miller finished the marathon by alternating running 2 miles and walking 1 mile.