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Tacky Post Football Game Handshake

It was reported yesterday that football players suffered minor injuries after shaking hands with visiting team Washington Court House high school that had just won the game. Apparently, someone on the visiting team had a tack or some other sharp implement in his hand as he shook the losing team member’s hands, causing minor pin pricks.

Charity Golf Event Incident Reports

In the unlikely event that someone is injured at your charity golf event, it is a good idea to prepare an incident report so that information can be recorded at the scene and when memories are fresh. This should be done by your organization even if golf course personnel are preparing an incident report as well.

Hiking Safety Reminder: Be Prepared to Stay Overnight

I read with interest about a 64-year old North Carolina man, who crawled across the Utah desert for 4 days with a broken leg. He had been camping in the Canyonlands National Park and had been hiking in the Maze district when he fell about ten feet, breaking his leg. Because he had intended to take only a day hike, he was not prepared to stay overnight and did not have warm clothing, a map or any overnight gear. He only had 5 liters of water and 2 Power Bars.

Protecting Yourself from Germs in the Gym

Have you ever gone to the gym for a work out, hoping that you could sweat out a virus? Or, maybe you thought that you might be getting sick, but you felt good enough for a work out. Gyms are terrific places to spread germs of all types, so it is a good idea for your own risk management to be aware of breeding grounds for germs.

8 Tips for Safe Use of Bleachers in Sport

Lawsuits commonly arise out of injuries from falls on and around bleachers. One source has estimated that close to 20,000 people are injured from bleachers every year. Bleacher accidents can also cause death.

Fitness Pole Dancing: Appropriate for Children?

I was surprised to read the article: “UK Pole Dancing Class for Young Girls Sparks Outrage”, as it had not occurred to me that pole dancing classes are being offered to children as young as 7 years old. A debate has been sparked as to whether teaching young girls to pole dance objectifies them and places them in some danger or whether it is simply a form of gymnastics using the pole as an apparatus.