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Golf Course Planning and Warning About Inclement Weather

Since golf is played outdoors, it is constantly subjected to weather conditions. One of the most dangerous conditions is that of lightning. In Sall v. T’s, Inc., 136 P.3d 471 (Kan. 2006), Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Defendant T’s, Inc.,dba Smiley’s Golf Course, as a result of injuries that he sustained when he was struck by lightning while golfing at Defendant’s course.

New Technology and Sports Risk Management

If you are planning to run a marathon, participate in a triathlon, play a softball or hockey game, surf, swim in the ocean or ski, there is most likely a website that you can visit for information about the venue, participants, rules, registration, photographs and other information. Websites and social media also provide opportunities for event directors and coaches to disseminate information about safety and provide warnings to participants regarding possible hazards.

Sports Are Just Like the Movies

Growing up going to the movies was always a special experience. I would get a tub of greasy buttered popcorn as I settled in to allow my mind to be whisked away on a magical adventure. One particular time at the theater I went to the theater to watch Forrest Gump and my magical experience was disrupted. During the course of the movie I watched Forrest overcome great adversity with his disability, the military, as a shrimping boat captain and in his relationships with others.

Marathon Mom: Should Pregnant Women Run Marathons?

Amber Miller, 27, finished the Chicago Marathon, and then barely had enough time to shower before giving birth to a healthy baby girl 7 hours later. Miller is an experienced marathon runner and had previously run two marathons while pregnant, one in 2009 while pregnant with her son and one earlier this year. She was 39 weeks pregnant while completing the Chicago Marathon and did so with her doctor's knowledge and consent. Her doctor had told her that she could do her usual physical activities, but nothing new. Miller finished the marathon by alternating running 2 miles and walking 1 mile.

Tacky Post Football Game Handshake

It was reported yesterday that football players suffered minor injuries after shaking hands with visiting team Washington Court House high school that had just won the game. Apparently, someone on the visiting team had a tack or some other sharp implement in his hand as he shook the losing team member’s hands, causing minor pin pricks.

Charity Golf Event Incident Reports

In the unlikely event that someone is injured at your charity golf event, it is a good idea to prepare an incident report so that information can be recorded at the scene and when memories are fresh. This should be done by your organization even if golf course personnel are preparing an incident report as well.