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October 12, 2010: Doping Risk Management

Alberto Contador was victorious in the 2010 Tour de France, but has been provisionally suspended by the International Cycling Union because of positive testing for clenbuterol. The famous bike race has experienced years of bad press with allegations and charges of doping. Surprisingly, doping goes back to the races origins in 1903 when participates used ether and consumed alcohol in an effort to gain an advantage.

October 11, 2010: Head Injuries and Criminal Behavior

Should an athlete who commits a crime be treated differently in court? How about if it is an athlete who sustained a head injury from playing in a contact sport and whose judgment was impaired due to the trauma of the head injury? The connection between head injuries and criminal behavior is not so tenuous.

October 8, 2010: Violence Breaks out at Kukui High School Football Game

More than 12 million viewers watched a gunfight break out at a Kukui High School football game. Of course, the gang violence was not viewed from the stands, but rather on national prime time television during this week’s episode of Hawaii 5-0. It was a scary scene when men armed with guns walked onto the fictitious Kukui High School football field during the game and shots were fired. Fortunately, police officers Steve McGarrett, Danno, Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua were conveniently watching the game and were armed and ready to instantly rush the field and apprehend the suspects. This scene made me wonder how often gun fights, gun fire, and gang fights are actually occurring at football games.

October 4, 2010: No Texting While Supervising

While swimming my usual mile in a lifeguarded pool, I noticed something horrifying---at least to my safety trained eyes. The lifeguard had his cell phone in hand and appeared to be texting! He did this while small children and adults swam at their own peril. The scene was less dramatic than it might appear. Swim lessons were taking up half the lanes and there was an instructor in the pool for every few children. Parents filled the stands as well, some of them also focusing more on their cell phones than on their young charges. If texting while driving is dangerous, isn’t supervising children swimming or playing sport equally as hazardous?

October 4, 2010: Sports and the Recession's Effect on Ticket Sales

As a result of the recession, season tickets sales are down for the third consecutive year is the report from the Associated Press published on September 8, 2010 in an article found on the NFL website. Last year the Washington Redskins resorted to suing season ticket holders who had agreed to multiple-year contracts but due to job loss or other economic pressures asked to be released from their contractual obligation. The Redskins tried to renegotiate some contracts, but lawsuits were filed against those season ticket holders who were unable to fulfill even the renegotiated terms.

October 2, 2010: 10 Tips for International Sport Risk Management

Risk management in sport and recreation is of global importance. Not all countries are as litigious as the United States, but they still have real concerns about managing risk and promoting safety. Athletes, facility owners, event directors, facility managers, coaches, sponsors and fans all share an interest in risk management and safety. For example, if a football (soccer) player trips over a protruding object in the field, causing injury to his knee, that means that the athlete will require medical treatment and may be forced to sit out the remainder of a practice, a game, several games or maybe even a season.