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Unsportsmanlike Conduct: British Boxer is Fined by the World Boxing Council

The latest incident of unsportsmanlike conduct in sport occurred when British boxer Dereck Chisora slapped 6’ 7” Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko during a weigh in. Before the title bout on Saturday, Chisora slapped the heavyweight champion with his open right hand across his left cheek. Chisora was fined by the World Boxing Council for this unsportsmanlike behavior.

No Love for Sexual Misconduct

Colby College just finished its investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct committed by fifteen of its students. Although for privacy reasons Colby College has disclosed little information, according to The Colby Echo’s article on February 8th, it is believed that football players were spying through a window to watch their teammate receive oral sex from a female student. Although the act of voyeurism did not amount to any criminal charges, the college concluded that the school’s sexual misconduct policy was violated.

New Concussion Guidelines for the NBA

The new NBA guidelines regarding concussions are at the forefront today with Cleveland Caveliers Kyrie Irving, who suffered a head injury playing the Miami Heat last Tuesday. In order to resume play, Kyrie will have to undergo a series of tests, including riding a stationary bike, jogging, doing agility work and non-contact drills. Unless he can do these activities without showing concussion symptoms, he will not be released to play basketball.

Saving Lives with AED's

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) are becoming more commonplace. If you pay attention in many public places, you will see them encased in glass mounted on walls. Most people haven’t seen them in action, but are comforted knowing that they are more often available to rescue heart attack victims.

Preventing Spread of Infectious Diseases at Sporting Events

Did you catch the measles at the Super Bowl? As you may have heard, The Indiana Department of Health is investigating a report that a fan may have exposed others to the measles at the Super Bowl Village on the Friday before the Super Bowl. Consequently potentially 200,000 who participated in the Super Bowl Festivities could have been exposed.

M.I.A. Steals the Super Bowl Spotlight

Another Super Bowl has come and gone, but only a few are talking about the commercials and the actual game. Instead this year’s water cooler discussion is how yet another halftime show has gone awry.

The featured headline performer this year was the iconic Madonna. She lived up to expectations and gave a dynamic show. Although Madonna was the main performer, she shared the stage with several other popular musicians, one of which was M.I.A. NBC, who was televising the event, made a late attempt to blur the image of her giving the audience the offending middle finger. In addition to the middle finger, it also is believed that she used a curse word while performing her song.