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Considerations for a Growing Event: Part II

As your event grows in size, there are additional considerations to ensure a safe and successful event. Below are some logistical considerations for which all race directors should plan for with a growing event.

First, consider the logistics of medical personnel. With more people on the course and more spectators in attendance, there needs to be a solid plan of how to identify those who are in need of medical assistance.

This may mean staffing more people in key locations. The staff should also have access to communication devices to quickly report medical issues. But beyond identifying a person’s need for medical treatment, the race director needs to also have a plan as to how medical personnel can navigate through crowds to quickly access those with medical needs.

Second, consider the logistics of support. More food, water and bathrooms are needed for any growing event. Also, extra staff, security and volunteers will need to be posted in key locations to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Third, consider the logistics of crowd control. Some events may be best suited for wave starts to space out the participants by skill level or by age. Wheelchair or other special needs competitors should also be separated from the able-bodied athletes. It is ideal for any event that does not take place in an athletic facility to have all roads and intersections closed to traffic and spectators. Mark or block potential hazards where people could trip or otherwise be injured that may not be obvious in a large crowd.

Finally, consider the logistics of security. An emergency action plan should be created to prepare for incidents from terrorist attack, bomb threats, gangs or neighborhood violence. Larger events may draw violent attacks from groups desiring attention. As such, increased security should be included at a growing event and the security personnel should be part of any chain of communication. A plan should exist for how to quickly give security access in order to secure an area and manage any threats or acts of violence.

Increased planning is crucial to any growing event. The above-mentioned logistical planning will help ensure a safe and successful event.