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Incident on the Golf Course

While playing a round of golf today I noticed a parked, empty flatbed truck near one of the holes where I was teeing off. It seemed strange to see a semi truck parked that close to the golf course, but it apparently was there to transport heavy construction equipment. The image of the truck was logged in my mind because I had to drive my golf cart around the truck to get to the next hole.

Approximately an hour later when my golf game was concluded and I drove by the same location where the semi was originally parked. However, this time there were a half a dozen police cruisers, an ambulance and a fire truck in its place. Curious, I got out of the car to inspect the scene. The semi truck was no longer on the surface of the flat, stable parking lot, but instead the truck was on the hillside slope. I noticed that the truck’s cab was upright, but the flatbed of the truck was twisted and laying on its side. Also, next to the flatbed, was a heavy-duty construction backhoe, which was also on its side. It was obvious that someone tried to load the backhoe onto the flatbed but instead it tipped over on the hill.

I observed the rescuers attending to the backhoe driver, who was laying alongside the backhoe. Luckily the rescue workers expeditiously retrieved the injured person and transported the driver to the hospital. As I left the scene, I noticed a tow truck and a second backhoe coming to the location, presumably to attempt to right the tipped backhoe and flatbed.

This incident may have been avoided altogether had the workers planned for a safe way to load the backhoe onto the truck. Unfortunately, the result of this backhoe incident caused a man to get injured and likely damage to the heavy machinery. Hopefully a lesson was learned by this incident. Ultimately, workers should never sacrifice safety for what may, at the time, seem like expediency.