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Adidas' miCoach Elite System

This summer Adidas and Major League Soccer announced that the MLS would be using Adidas’ miCoach Elite System throughout the league in 2013. The 2012 MLS All-Star Game was the world’s first “smart game” using the miCoach Elite System. This miCoach system works with a small data cell that fits in a protective pocket on the back of a player’s base layer (shirt? Shorts?). This data cell, along with two more in the athlete’s shoes, transfers data for each athlete to a computer or to a coaches iPad. The miCoach Elite System can provide coaches, trainers, and players with real-time statistics such as heart rate, distance traveled, speed, acceleration, field positioning, and power. Many of these statistics are being recorded for entertainment purposes for fans as well.

The hope for this innovative technology is for it to be integrated into the sport to assist teams in attaining optimal performance. By being able to measure more aspects of a player’s on-field performance, the goal is to have a better understanding of the physical and physiological impact of the game. Having more detailed statistics about a player’s performance may help prevent over-training and even lower the risk of injury. This type of technology may revolutionize the way other sports track and measure these risks that athletes encounter on the field.