Sports Law • Risk Management

August 4, 2010: Cash Collection by Volunteers for Club Sports

Here is a scenario that commonly occurs: You oversee the operations of a non-profit youth club sport. To keep costs down, you use volunteers to process registration applications and to collect game day and tournament fees. This is a brilliant plan to use volunteers because parents gladly give their time to support the team for which their son or daughter plays.

But can you trust these volunteer parents to be honest or to be diligent in securing the money they collect? Do you have a system in place to account for how much should have been collected? Have you thought about how to handle a situation when money appears to be missing?

If you are running a non-profit youth club sport, you probably cannot afford to lose money from theft or poor accounting skills. Thus, it is important to develop a loss control plan to safeguard your monetary assets. Instead of just trusting parents to do the job, at the very least train your volunteers on your money collection process and then audit the funds when they are done. With a few extra steps you can save your organization from an unnecessary financial loss.