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Financial Controls and Insurance to Limit Theft and Embezzlement

In my August 4, 2010 blog entitled “Cash Collection by Volunteers for Club Sports,” I encouraged non-profit clubs to establish fiscally responsible money collection practices. No one wants to believe that someone you know is capable of committing theft from a club sport team, but it does happen.

Theft and embezzlement insurance claims have been on the rise according to the insurance company Sadler & Company (, Retrieved on April 22, 2012).

August 11, 2010: Parking Lot Risk Management

In my law practice, I have a surprising number of cases that involve parking lot motor vehicle accidents. I have also noticed that in the last 3 years, since I’ve been walking to work several times per week, which involves walking through various parking lots, that there are many hazards. What does this have to do with sports and recreation? If you are a facility owner or manager, you have probably figured this out. With every sports and recreation facility there are parking lots for patrons to park.