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August 16, 2010: Triathlon Risk Management: Part I---Swimming

Triathlon race directors must necessarily put a tremendous amount of effort in risk management in planning a triathlon. By the same token, each triathlete should have his or her own risk management plan with every training ride, swim or run and every race. Afterall, it is the athlete that has to endure the outcome of any injury or accident, which will certainly impact his or her ability to continue training and racing. This is part 1 of a series of blogs on triathlon risk management. The following are some guidelines for triathletes who wish to manage their risk in training and competing in the swim portion of the event.

July 16, 2010: Global Warming and the Future of Sport and Recreation

Lance Armstrong commented today on the intense heat of the Tour de France and he was not just talking about the competition. Temperatures have climbed to the mid-90’s in the valleys that the cyclists have ridden through. It is July after all. A few decades ago, hot temperatures like this might have been considered a fluke. Now, with global warming upon us, athletes and event organizers have to consider the impact the weather has on sport and recreation.