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An Overview of Drone Use for Sports Facilities

Drone use at sporting events has made international news in the last month when a drone piloted by a New York City high school science teacher crashed during a women’s singles match at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. Days later, a drone crashed at the stadium shortly before a Kentucky football game. There were no injuries as a result of those two incidents. However, in a triathlon filmed in Australia, an athlete was injured by a drone within meters of the finish line.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: British Boxer is Fined by the World Boxing Council

The latest incident of unsportsmanlike conduct in sport occurred when British boxer Dereck Chisora slapped 6’ 7” Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko during a weigh in. Before the title bout on Saturday, Chisora slapped the heavyweight champion with his open right hand across his left cheek. Chisora was fined by the World Boxing Council for this unsportsmanlike behavior.

August 26, 2010: Deadly Court Side Objects

A few years ago, I was appalled to hear that my former triathlon training buddy was severely injured playing volleyball. I’m sure that you are thinking that she probably twisted her knee or somehow messed up her shoulder. It was nothing as ordinary and commonplace as that. She dove for a ball, crashing head on into a concrete barrier located a few feet outside of the sand volleyball court. Her injuries were so serious that she landed in ICU and she is still suffering the effects of those injuries today, because of the negligence of the volleyball tournament directors and possibly others.
Lessons can surely be learned from this horrible accident.