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November 5, 2010: Sport and Recreation Risk Management Planning

There is much discussion in sports and recreation about risk management planning and safety. It is a rare organization that truly believes that they are up to date or thorough in such planning as there always seems to be too much to do with little time and resources available. It’s also possible that before the recession your organization was far more on top of risk management planning than it is now. With budget cuts, lay-offs and other financial priorities, your organization may be like many, having let risk management planning slide.

August 4, 2010: Cash Collection by Volunteers for Club Sports

Here is a scenario that commonly occurs: You oversee the operations of a non-profit youth club sport. To keep costs down, you use volunteers to process registration applications and to collect game day and tournament fees. This is a brilliant plan to use volunteers because parents gladly give their time to support the team for which their son or daughter plays.