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Terrorism and Sport

Terrorism and extremist actions have become more prevalent in recent history, with individuals and groups resorting to radically violent means to convey their messages. Recent cases, such as the Boston marathon bombing, the Madrid bombing, the attack in Istanbul, and the series of explosions set off in Paris are all examples of how these terrorists have attempted to capitalize on the congregation of people watching or participating in a match.

These attacks rarely focus on the sport itself, but merely use the event as a tool for spreading a message. The gain of a terrorist is most likely a religious, political, or ideological ambition, not a sports-related one. Thus, the attacks on sporting events remain unclear and confusing as to why the attack targeted the event, as those that attend these events are largely diverse in the three aforementioned aspects.

Baseball Fan Falls to His Death

It is fairly routine that baseball players will flip balls into the waiting hands of spectators in the stands, but it is unusual that such a routine act would be the catalyst in a tragedy. Texas Rangers center fielder, Josh Hamilton, performed such a routine act by tossing a dead ball towards some fans, but the ball fell short of penetrating the stands. Shannon Stone, a spectator at the game, reached over the railing for the ball, lost his balance and fell head first twenty feet to the ground.

May 16, 2011: Eleven Strategies for Facility Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a facility can save you money by extending the life of your facility and your equipment plus proper maintenance can also keep people safe from harm. As part of your business operations, maintenance should be actively approached and include both cleaning and making minor and major repairs. Consider the following strategies to successfully maintain your facility:

February 11, 2011: ADA: Is Your Facility or Tournament in Compliance?

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is federal legislation enacted to prohibit discrimination against those with disabilities. The ADA is relevant for those in the sports industry because public sport and recreation facilities built or renovated after January 26, 1993 must accommodate individuals with disabilities according to strict ADA standards. For those facilities existing prior to 1993, some accommodation must be made if changes are effective, practical and fiscally feasible.

January 28, 2011: Bomb Scare at Super Bowl Stadium

Since 9/11, the chance of a terrorist attack on a sports stadium has been a very real concern. When police received a call this morning that someone had been observed placing an object in a drain near the Cowboys Stadium, the concern was that it could be a bomb. Remote cameras used by police while the stadium was on lockdown revealed that the object was a harmless piece of trash.

September 19, 2010: Football or Endangered Species?

The question of whether to continue with Friday night football games or protect threatened Newell’s shearwater birds was one that had to be addressed on Kauai recently. The lights used to illuminate the Friday night football games confuse newborn shearwaters flying from their nests out to sea. Apparently the lights are mistaken for moonlight and have caused about 30 birds to become disoriented and fall from the skies around Vidinha Stadium on Kauai.