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How Pro Athletes Can Manage Their Reputation and Save Their Careers

Professional athletes face risks that may affect their physical or mental health, finances, player and endorsement contracts, personal freedoms, families and more. Too many athletes face such challenges from which they may never recover because of damage done to their reputation and their careers.

Nohr Sports is passionate about helping professional athletes gain control in managing their personal and professional reputations. We take pride in supporting professional athletes, with the right tools, to empower them to maintain or repair their reputation in order that they might have long, successful careers. The experts at Nohr Sports are the right team to help professional athletes keep their reputation and careers intact.

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July 15, 2010: Motherhood vs. Professional Athlete

How does a woman choose between being at the top of her game or in becoming a mom? One particular sport’s organization help mom’s do both. The L.P.G.A. Tour assists women golfers by providing complimentary day care during domestic events. By supporting moms, the tour can continue to attract the sport’s top athletes.

Sometimes, however, athlete sponsors put indirect pressure on female athletes to avoid pregnancy. Some sponsors impose contract clauses which require an athlete to maintain a certain level of success in athletic competition.