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July 14, 2010: Remember George Steinbrenner

“Who else could be a memorable character on a television show without actually appearing on the show? You felt George even though he wasn’t there. That’s how huge a force of personality he was.” ----Jerry Seinfeld

The day after George Steinbrenner past away, an old Seinfeld episode aired, in which he thought that George Costanza was a communist and so Steinbrenner sent him to Cuba to recruit a player. In one show, Steinbrenner actually directed George Costanza to give a speech on risk management. The scene was as follows:

July 11, 2010: Lance Armstrong Inspires Preparation for Safety Challenges in Sport?

Today, Lance Armstrong’s hopes of winning an eighth Tour de France victory were destroyed after being involved in 3 crashes that delayed his climb up to the Morzine Avoriz ski resort. Fortunately, Team Radio Shack still has Levi Leipheimer in the mix. Lance can now support his teammate in his effort to win.

What risk management lessons can we learn from Lance’s bad luck? Certainly, Lance could not control the field and the crashes that blocked his way. He has proven himself as one of the most talented cyclist in the history of the sport and so it would not be reasonable to criticize his bike handling skills.