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NCAA New Rule Regarding Pole Vault Helmets

Not so long ago a pole vaulter who wished to use protective headgear had few options. Vaulters resorted to wearing equipment, such as skating helmets, that were neither tested nor specifically recommended for use in pole vaulting. However, over the last decade there has been increasing concern and discussion about creating standardized pole vaulting headgear in order to minimize head injuries and to prevent the death of athletes’ who hit their head during a vault. Such widespread concern for pole vaulters’ safety has prompted some significant changes in the last five years.

October 11, 2010: Head Injuries and Criminal Behavior

Should an athlete who commits a crime be treated differently in court? How about if it is an athlete who sustained a head injury from playing in a contact sport and whose judgment was impaired due to the trauma of the head injury? The connection between head injuries and criminal behavior is not so tenuous.