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Foolish Behavior and an Athlete's Denied Visa

Sports visas are a common way for professional sports teams to expand its talent base by acquiring international athletes. Unfortunately the immigration approval process can be complicated when an athlete has criminal infractions.

No Love for Sexual Misconduct

Colby College just finished its investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct committed by fifteen of its students. Although for privacy reasons Colby College has disclosed little information, according to The Colby Echo’s article on February 8th, it is believed that football players were spying through a window to watch their teammate receive oral sex from a female student. Although the act of voyeurism did not amount to any criminal charges, the college concluded that the school’s sexual misconduct policy was violated.

November 18, 2010: Risk Management Step 2: Assess Risks

After working through the time-consuming process of identifying risks to which your organization is exposed, the second step in the risk management process is to assess the risks. This step builds upon the risks that were identified in the first step. Once the risks are identified, the risks must then be classified by how likely the risk may occur and how serious the harm would be if the risk did happen.

October 11, 2010: Head Injuries and Criminal Behavior

Should an athlete who commits a crime be treated differently in court? How about if it is an athlete who sustained a head injury from playing in a contact sport and whose judgment was impaired due to the trauma of the head injury? The connection between head injuries and criminal behavior is not so tenuous.