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November 8, 2010: Safety Violation Rules Enforcement

Nick Collins, safety for the Packers, was hit with a $50,000 fine for a head first hit into the head of Roy Williams, a receiver for the Cowboys. The NFL considers helmet to helmet hits and hits to the head or neck of opponents serious enough to levy swift and severe fines in the amounts of $50,000 or $75,000. If the infraction is serious enough, the player faces suspension from the NFL.

October 31, 2010: Halloween Trick? Celebrities and Potential College Recruits Don't Mix

On this Halloween the University of Iowa is not getting a holiday treat, but instead a reminder that celebrities and potential athlete recruits don’t mix. Or at least they shouldn’t mix. Just today the Des Moines Register posted an article about two particular Hollywood celebrities, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, whose involvement in the recruiting process may amount to a NCAA violation at the University of Iowa.