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An Overview of Drone Use for Sports Facilities

Drone use at sporting events has made international news in the last month when a drone piloted by a New York City high school science teacher crashed during a women’s singles match at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. Days later, a drone crashed at the stadium shortly before a Kentucky football game. There were no injuries as a result of those two incidents. However, in a triathlon filmed in Australia, an athlete was injured by a drone within meters of the finish line.

May 31, 2011: Increased Risk When Baseball Goes Into Extra Innings

More than six hours for a major league baseball game? That is what happened in a recent game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Philadelphia Phillies. The night game went after one o’clock in the morning with a day game fewer than twelve hours later. In order to break the tie, the night game took ten extra innings, nineteen in total. Also, collectively the teams went through sixteen pitchers, but at what cost?

March 29, 2011: A Dead Body Should Not Be Brought to a Soccer Game

In Columbia a group of avid soccer fans paid a unique tribute to their friend who was murdered. The fans carried the dead body of a seventeen-year-old, who was resting in his coffin, into a stadium for a professional soccer game. This raises the question: Were the group of friends required to purchase a ticket for the entrance of this unusual guest? Not to make light of the gravity of their friend’s death, but ticket takers for the game had to have noticed a group of fans carrying a large wooden coffin into the stadium.

January 28, 2011: Bomb Scare at Super Bowl Stadium

Since 9/11, the chance of a terrorist attack on a sports stadium has been a very real concern. When police received a call this morning that someone had been observed placing an object in a drain near the Cowboys Stadium, the concern was that it could be a bomb. Remote cameras used by police while the stadium was on lockdown revealed that the object was a harmless piece of trash.

December 29, 2010: Guest Gridlock in Nippert Stadium

Probably the worst thing about attending big sporting events is the crowds, that is if the crowds create gridlock. One of the worst experiences of gridlock I have encountered is in the University of Cincinnati’s football stadium where the success of the football team in recent years has often drawn sold out crowds.

November 17, 2010: More Football Stadium Parking Lot Violence---8 year old Kid Tackled!

An 8 year old boy wearing a Jets t-shirt was surely celebrating the New York Jets victory over Cleveland as he walked hand-in-hand with his father to the parking lot of the stadium after the game last Sunday. Angry Cleveland fans threw food and shouted profanities at the young boy, and then a drunken Brown’s fan tackled him from behind. The young boy suffered a bruised and scraped ankle and lay on the ground crying. His parents elected to leave the stadium as quickly as possible rather than wait for security and police.