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Providing Reasonable Accessibility to Medical Care at Events

Does your organization provide reasonable accessibility to medical care during recreational activities? A recent Federal Court case addressed this issue, with the Court denying the Defendant’s motion to dismiss the case and so the matter will proceed to trial unless the parties are able to enter into a settlement agreement. See: Estate of Newton v. Grandstaff, 2011 WL 2678933 (July 8, 2011)

November 28, 2010: Obama Administration Risk Management Strategies

Following a rough post-Thanksgiving basketball game on Friday, President Obama got a busted lip according to Friday’s article by the New York Times. Obama took an elbow to the mouth, which resulted in him needing 12 stitches to mend the gash. Accordingly, the White House had to respond to the incident much in the same way a sports organization should respond to an incident.

November 7, 2010: On Site Medical Care on Game Day

Earlier today, the New Orleans Saints enjoyed a clear victory over the Carolina Panthers, winning 34 to 3. Unfortunately, Saints tight end, Jeremy Shockey suffered a rib injury, leading him to walk into a waiting ambulance and be transported to a local hospital. Shockey suffered a hard hit to the back and appeared to be in a tremendous amount of pain as he left the field. A rib injury is serious for any athlete and team that is significantly impacted by any game disrupting injury. However, such injury is certainly not life threatening. Football as well as any other sport necessarily requires on site risk management in relation to game related injuries.