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Incident on the Golf Course

While playing a round of golf today I noticed a parked, empty flatbed truck near one of the holes where I was teeing off. It seemed strange to see a semi truck parked that close to the golf course, but it apparently was there to transport heavy construction equipment. The image of the truck was logged in my mind because I had to drive my golf cart around the truck to get to the next hole.

November 17, 2010: More Football Stadium Parking Lot Violence---8 year old Kid Tackled!

An 8 year old boy wearing a Jets t-shirt was surely celebrating the New York Jets victory over Cleveland as he walked hand-in-hand with his father to the parking lot of the stadium after the game last Sunday. Angry Cleveland fans threw food and shouted profanities at the young boy, and then a drunken Brown’s fan tackled him from behind. The young boy suffered a bruised and scraped ankle and lay on the ground crying. His parents elected to leave the stadium as quickly as possible rather than wait for security and police.