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Training Volunteers for Improved Safety in Sport

Last week I had a unique opportunity to volunteer for APEC 2011 Leaders Week and APEC 2011 CEO Summit held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has only met in the USA on one other occasion (Seattle in 1993) and meant that the leaders and delegates from 21 Asia Pacific economies were hosted at many events. This required interviewing, selecting, screening and training 1,000 volunteers.

Tacky Post Football Game Handshake

It was reported yesterday that football players suffered minor injuries after shaking hands with visiting team Washington Court House high school that had just won the game. Apparently, someone on the visiting team had a tack or some other sharp implement in his hand as he shook the losing team member’s hands, causing minor pin pricks.

Psychological Abuse in Sport

Last night while walking by some batting cages, I observed a middle-aged man swearing at a young teenage boy and telling him that he was worthless and pathetic. There was no team and there was no game, just a single man humiliating a little boy with his angry words following what must have been perceived as an unsuccessful batting practice. I can only assume the verbal abuse was rained down on the boy by his father in a likely failed effort to motivate the child to improve his athletic performance. However, this negative treatment from father to son, can have serious psychological consequences on the child and might be classified as psychological abuse.

March 6, 2011: Teenagers Die Playing Sports: Keeping Young Athletes Healthy

It was shocking to read about a 16 year old star basketball player who, after shooting a basket that won the game, collapsed and died as a result of an enlarged heart. Today, I read that a 17 year old had passed away after collapsing during a rugby match. Apparently, he had had a seizure. It is not typical that seemingly healthy teenagers who practice and compete in various sports would suddenly die because of physical problems. However, reports of this happening are disturbing to youth athletic organizations and scary for other teen athletes and their parents.