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Incident on the Golf Course

While playing a round of golf today I noticed a parked, empty flatbed truck near one of the holes where I was teeing off. It seemed strange to see a semi truck parked that close to the golf course, but it apparently was there to transport heavy construction equipment. The image of the truck was logged in my mind because I had to drive my golf cart around the truck to get to the next hole.

Golf Course Extreme Weather Protection Measures

While playing eighteen holes on a golf course over approximately a four-hour period of time, the weather can change substantially, affecting the safety of those on the course. A good golf course manager can do much to protect players and workers on the course when extreme weather approaches.

March 26, 2011: Golf Course Robberies Call for Increased Security

I’ve always thought of golf as a relatively tranquil sport—a chance for participants to enjoy the fresh outdoors and the beautiful greenery, escaping the stressors of life. Crime has recently encroached on the sport, which will require that golf course management beef up security. Recently, two golfers were robbed by men wearing ski masks and pointing .38 caliber revolvers at them, ordering them on the ground and demanding their money. Tragically, one of the golfers was fatally shot in the back.