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Wind Toppled Stage Kills Spectators: Preventable Tragedy?

Many sporting venues have outdoor concerts, finish lines or awards presentations for which a temporary elevated stage or platform is constructed. In anticipation of hosting any type of event, an event planner should prepare for a multitude of problems, including those caused by natural disasters. However, a natural disaster during an outdoor concert at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night leaves some questioning of the venue’s disaster preparedness.

June 3, 2011: Is There Really a Need for Sports and Recreation Risk Management?

About a month ago, the ten o’clock news just reported that a hiker fell 150 feet to his death, a 3 year old drowned, and an elderly lady was killed in a traffic accident. Film footage was then shown of the March 11, 2011 Japan tsunami. These stories are just an example of a typical day of news anywhere one might be in the world. Such stories also illustrate the importance that every sport and recreation organization must put on risk management. To do otherwise will necessarily increase accidents, injuries, and reduce the chance that an organization will effectively respond to a disaster.