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An Overview of Drone Use for Sports Facilities

Drone use at sporting events has made international news in the last month when a drone piloted by a New York City high school science teacher crashed during a women’s singles match at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. Days later, a drone crashed at the stadium shortly before a Kentucky football game. There were no injuries as a result of those two incidents. However, in a triathlon filmed in Australia, an athlete was injured by a drone within meters of the finish line.

Risk Financing for Tornadoes and Other Weather Disasters

Hopefully, your sports facility did not suffer any damage from the tornadoes that struck Kentucky, Indiana and Alabama this weekend. Standard business owners’ policies provide coverage for damage caused by tornadoes, including physical damage to business property business interruption—reimbursement for lost income.

Breathless CPR: The New Technique for Cardiac Arrest Victims

Sports and recreation organizations and facilities face the challenge of providing first aid to participants and spectators who have medical emergencies. In recent years, AED’s (automatic external defibrillators) have become more common in public places and sports facilities. However, if someone goes into cardiac arrest, even if there is an AED in the vicinity, there may be a need to begin CPR immediately.